Friday, January 13, 2012


Yet another social website is gained my membership this past month...Pinterest! I'm still trying to learn how it works, but today I actually figured out how to pin a few items on a board. Anyhow if you are on there, let me know, I'd love to follow you! My profile is "BuffMother"
This week has been so busy, I worked so hard Mon, Tues and Wed to catch up on my work after the holiday vacation, that by today I was beat! I had to go back to bed for a couple hours after the kids left for school Sleeping ....I guess that's why I call them "Tired Thursdays". I expect that tomorrow I'll feel like a new woman; It'll be cycle day 3 and It's FRIDAY!! Buffing is almost here!! The BEST Week of my month is ahead~ watch out world~!
I finally managed to my booty out of bed just before that I could call a my Buff-Sister Sherry. She's such a hoot and really GETS ME. Anyway, we spend some time talking about how excited we are for 2012 and how we love, love, love all our BuffMother-Sisters!! :bff: It's true, we believe we will all be Best Friends FOREVER!
After my talk with her, I had another really interesting business phone call. I can't share too much about it just yet, but It's really good stuff for all parties involved. I can't wait to get that project rolling!! I love all the energy for fitness that people have during the new year...I sure hope this momentum lasts through the winter!
Gunner and I got in our back workout and a short run too this afternoon. It's good that we've gotten 3 workouts done so far this week and now he's been "initiated" on each body part. Tomorrow when we workout we'll do some things he's already done~ which means less work for me!
On a personal front my head is spinning....I have so many things I "want to" get done and an ever increasing workload that shows no sign of slowing down. I may actually be at the point of being ready to hire myself an assistant! I'm talking about a real in flesh person in my office to help me get things DONE! It would be so nice to have a capable helper!
Sorry this is such a "journal" type post...I'm just too tired to be creative tonight. My plan is to snuggle up and watch some good tv tonight!
God Bless,