Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Warrior Women!

A sweet friend of mine helped me remember that "We are WARRIOR WOMEN"...we are fighters!
I preach and teach that I want being buff to look easy. I strive to make it simple, turn-key and uncomplicated...But the truth is it's a battle!
I battle continuously:
I fight for time
I fight sore muscles
I fight for proper food
I fight for good information
I fight for energy
I fight for focus
I fight injury, illness and disease
I fight to be understood
I fight to get results
I fight to learn more
I fight to help others
I fight for my motivation
I fight to be positive
I fight to keep the MISSION pure
I fight to enjoy life
We are "Warrior Women", fighting is what we must do, but we must do it with LOVE!!
Love is the key-- if we fight out of rage, jealousy or malice--we lose!
Warrior Princess,
Michelle Marie Berger