Friday, March 02, 2012

Going "DARK"

In spy movies, I just love it when the spy goes out on a mission and has to go "dark"...they are invisible to their support team and just out there on their own in the danger. Well, I am going "DARK" for a few days-- my vacation mode is on and that means little to no computer time! I need the break from time to time.
Anyhow, I've been keeping super busy as I prep to leave-- I feel pleasently prepared. However that could change as I start packing, lol!! I always go into hyper drive when trying to pack for a trip-- too many options of what to bring, wear and pack??
Okay, in other news....I remembered something about myself this week. I find the most success in my eating when I eat 3 bigger meals daily vs. 5-6 smaller ones. There are several reasons why:
1- I can eat MORE at 1 setting-- I like eating bigger portions
2- I don't get overwhelmed with the prep/eating time when eating more often-- it's takes too much focus for me-- I'm not that focused, lol
3- Mentally, I don't feel like I am dieting when I eat fewer meals.
4- I have insulin resistant issues-- so eating less often helps my insulin to go down sometimes which actually allows me to burn fat
5- I dislike eating early in the morning-- I like eating my first meal about 3-5 hours after waking up-- extending my "fast" helps me burn some extra fat and gives me a chance to do fasted cardio from time to time
6- it's less stressful to my digestive system. I digest better when my enzymes are strong (utilizing them less often) body feels less stress from eating less often
Here's an interesting video that explains some of what I am talking about:

So, just now at 9:15 I had a good breakfast of 2 whole wheat blueberry pancakes (not typical for me to eat grains), with butter and real maple syrup, 3 small strips of pork bacon, a "Carnivor" choc protein shake in water= CCFP and I've had 2 cups of coffee with half'n'half.

My plan is to use this fuel as a pre-workout meal--- I'll be hitting the trail for a hill workout after it digests-- at about 11:00
Alrighty, we'll I am off to do some laundry, run, pack, lift weights, get my son's hair cut and then RELAX before I fly out early tomorrow. I'll be back Monday!! Please, pray that I don't hurt myself skiing!!
Love ya,