Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Running SCARED!

The Warrior Dash is less than 6 weeks away and I'm Running SCARED!! Scared of the race KILLING me! Literally I am SCARED of failing, feeling horrible in the race and dying of physical exhaustion, lol!!
I've been striving to get in my runs lately and feel like I am improving on them each time. At this point I've been consistently hitting it 3x's a week. Last night I ran 6 hills despite being so tempted to skip it all together...I am very happy that I did it, but my body is EXHAUSTED from them and the upper body lifting workout I did before it yesterday afternoon.
The weather has been so amazing since Saturday-- it's so energizing!! the kids have been out exploring on our land-- playing in the creek a bunch-- catching all sorts of tad poles, crawfish and butterflies. Here's TIA with a really beautiful butterfly on her arm-- simply amazing!!!

Anyhow- today I am in Bentonville at our old house--working on a BIG "to do" list that needs to be done so we can get finished with this move/leasing process. I certainly hope that by mid April we'll have it DONE!!
Gotta go for now~ I'll check back in with you tonight after my workout! Legs are on tap-- if you want some inspiration for a leg workout, check out this old blog post of mine-- http://blog.buffmother.com/206

Have a productive day!!