Monday, April 23, 2012

My Day 1 - "Shine in 49"

Be OPTIMISTIC that you can SHINE!!

Today's day #1-- workout plan as laid out in the PDF-

MondayCircuitStyle Workouts
Day 11-Lift Upper Body2- Intervals 3-ABS

1- Lift UPPER BODY- Circuit- do all exercises upper body in the order as listed; repeat the circuit 3 times. #1 then immediately #2 then immediately #3 etc…then the entire series again for 3 rounds
#1-Chest press or Push ups regular or on knees lbs.
3 sets to failure reps.
#2-Rows- machine or bent over holding dumbbells lbs.
3 sets of 10 reps reps.
#3- Tricep machine or Chair dips- for triceps lbs.
3 sets of 10 reps each reps.
#4-shoulder press machine or DB Shoulder Press lbs.
3 sets of 10 reps reps.
#5-Bicep machine curls or DB Bicep Curl lbs.
3 sets of 10 reps reps.
#6-Cable tricep push downs or Tricep extension lbs.
3 sets of 10 reps reps.
#7-Standing Lateral/Side shoulder Raises (flies) with DB’s lbs.
3 sets of 10 reps reps.

2- Intervals- This is 20 min total: 4 hard min. total and can be done on any type of equipment you’d like to use- spinning bike, elliptical, stair mill, treadmill, etc..

•START 5 min. warm up

•1 min. hard- increase to a challenging resistance/speed

•2 min. easy-RECOVER at medium to light resistance/speed

•1 min. hard

•2 min. easy

•1 min. hard

•2 min. easy

•1 min. hard

•5 min. cool down

*If you don’t feel exhausted by the end, increase the intensity of all hard and easy min.

3- ABS:

ABS--CPTME….SIMPLE 7 for 7 – REFER to my book “AFTER BABY ABS” for an explanation of these exercises and terms
Passive Abs reps.
Sit ups- hands on hammies reps.
Vacuumes!! 10- 10 seconds daily reps.
Knee ups- roman chair are best reps.
Traditional AB crunch reps.
Ball Crunches reps.
Cats/Dogs reps.
Other reps.

Plus, in the email that was sent out I instructed you to go shopping for good protein and green vegetable choice on hand

AND....JOURNAL...take some time to JOURNAL.
Write it down!! I'd like to encourage you
to write about 3 specific things:

1- Do you remember how great you felt
both mentally and physically when you had your most
OUTSTANDING fitness/diet results?

I have felt outstanding many times in my life-- most recently on our trip to Mexico last August. It feels great to put anything on and know you look smashing!!

2- What do you have to change about your
current habits to attain OVER-THE-TOP
results like that again?

I need to stay consistent with my diet. I've worked up a great consistency in my workouts, my running and my activity level, but my diet is way to inconsistent. I'm going to focus really hard on consistently keeping my carbs down, my protein up and eating my greens!

3- What is your #1 goal for the next 7
weeks? What are the "solutions" you must
OBSESS over order to attain that goal?

My goal for the next 7 weeks is to lean up for my birthday!! I will be 37 in just 7 weeks!! I'm planning to do a photo shoot and need to come in weighing about 123. I will need to lose only about 4 pounds-- but I want those 4 pounds to be FAT!
My solutions to achieve this goal is to stay consistent with my workouts (lifitng/running) and keep my diet in line!


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P.P.S. Tomorrow's email will detail how to take starting stats and pictures; Wednesday's will be all about how to WIN this contest :)