Thursday, April 19, 2012

A tiny bit sick

Well, I guess all my "go, go, go" caught up with me a bit! I'm now a tiny bit sick~ way better than last night though! Hope that was the worst of it! I'm not the only person sick-- my lifting buddy is home again today with the same thing, but worse. He's got a horrible fever! Poor boy!

Anyhow, life goes on and I'm getting things done today-- my plan is to get some sun and a run in today.

The BIG News from yesterday is that my new is up!! YAY!! It's really fun to see it up~ despite some work left to be done on it. AND my email was down yesterday totally-- so if you sent me an email I didn't get it :)

Okay, today's "work" is to get some more of my site working and send out an email blast for the new contest!! The link I'd like to have used for sign up is on my site

Please share with your friends!! We want as many women as possible to join us!!