Wednesday, May 09, 2012

over the HUMP day

Wow!! that Warrior dash kicked my booty! I feel like I am finally over the HUMP in recovering from it!! I ended up taking yesterday "off" so today will be my MAKE UP workout day.

The Warrior Dash weekend itself was so fun!! I drove up to KC on Friday leaving at noon, getting there about 4:30. It was a good drive and nice to be "alone" for a bit. Once I got there I almost immediatly met Nicole! It was fun to finally "hug" her after YEARS of knowing her online. We hung out in my room for a bit while we waited for more ladies to arrive. Next Sherry showed up from Iowa-- she and I ran a couple errands, then by the time we got back Lisa, Kathy and Melanie had arrived. Melanie was another member of TEAM BuffMother whom I've known for quite some time now, but had never physically met. She has such a wonderful smile and a son who's 12 like mine that she brought with (along with her super supportive hubby Todd!!).
Once we primped a bit we headed out to met up for dinner at the Zona Rosa shopping area-

At the restuarant we met up with Brenda and her hubby Mike, Tina and her sister Wendy (they are IDENTICAL TWINS!!), Mindy and her hubby, Natalie (Bamboo here in the rally room), and Danielle and her man Aaron. After dinner we SHOPPED in Lisa's room at her makeshif OOLALA! I had a blast trying on such CUTE items- I got a dress, a miniskirt, a t-shirt and a bracelete...AWESOME!! Towards the end of the night a couple more members of our TEAM showed up, Karen and Dottie. The excitement for the race was palpiable!! But we all knew we had to get some sleep and I certainly did-- I slept like a ROCK!

Thankfully I woke up Saturday morning feeling Much better than Friday when I was scared I had an ear infection. I think the addrenaline was kicking in~ After breakfeast we got dressed in our CRAZY LMFAO outfits and headed out on the shuttle to the event. Once we were there we had a couple hours to wait. We hit some of the free sample booths- Monster, Anytime fitness and Bare Naked--Plus a Physical Therapy/Massage booth-- OH YES!! It was good!!
As we wondered around trying to stay cool before the race we took a bunch of pics, but never enough! That's one regret of mine~ i wish I had taken more pics!!

Anyhow, the race started at 12:30 and I was done 33.04HELLISH mins later~ The WORST of the race was the swimming obstacle- I DON't SWIM! and the amount and length of HILLS on the course. All the other obstacles were fine if you could keep from being thrown off course by some of the rude male competitors. The race itself was VERY HARD! It was my first 5k in 10 years for a reason...I don't like racing that far. A mile or better yet a half-mile should be my MAX race distance, lol!

It was so fun to be done with the race and able to cheer the rest of our team into the finish!! One of the funniest finishes I saw was Danielle and Cari. They both hit the final mudpit looking as though they hadn't gotten 1 speck of mud on them the entire race-- Cari looked dermined to keep it that way, lol!! NO DICE!! She had to submerge in the muck like the rest of us!! Laughing

After the race we got hosed down by the fire hydrant, I had brought a change of clothes-- then we got our free beers and a Lisa and I shared a turkey leg!! It was YUMMY! We hung around for a while, then hit the shuttle to the hotel-- where I showered and napped for an hour prior to dinner. We ate then primped and head out to PARTY downtown on the "power and lights district"...COOL place!! Once we got our groove on it was a blast-- we danced with Danielle and her crew a bit at Mosaic and then went out to the main atrium and dance for a couple more hours. It was all our feet could take! Once we got back to the hotel NONE of us could hardly walk! AND I was STARVING!!

Anyhow we hit the hay around 2:30am...then a group of us got up and ate a wonderful brunch before hittitng the road. It seemed like a LONG drive home! I was so thankful to seem my beautiful loving family after the drive. They missed me!!

I'm sure I missed telling you many of the fun details, but that was my weekend at a glance- tons of pics are on facebook-- I'll try to upload some here eventually too!!

Here are a couple Q and A's from this morning~


Hey Michelle, me again, thanks for answering my question earlier today on the fb comments section. :) Another question, the 100 lunges a day challange has me confused. I thought we were supposed to rest the next day the body parts we worked on that paticular day?
Thanks a bunch!

Doing 100 lunges is more like a bit of “cardio”/stretching but I wouldn’t consider it an entire “leg workout” to where you need to rest 2 days prior to workin those muscles again. Also, in lifting “rules” are not set in stone– they can be broken from time to time in order to shake up the routine and challenge your body to new heights. There are even workout programs out there where it is recommended to lift the same muscles every day! Normally I do agree it’s best to give your body parts a couple days rest between heavy lifting workouts and it’s a good general rule to go by. But that’s why this is a “challenge” both mentally and physically!!


Hey there, Michelle...I have a fitness question for you...I train with weights, I've been strength training for quite a while now and I've seen good results! I'm built very little. My body fat percentage is somewhere in the area of 15%. My question is this...I work out mostly from home, I have dumbbells and barbells, weight bench, elliptical, bands...I have it all! I recently re-joined my gym to get some use of their yoga classes and some machines. I'm looking to build some more muscle and get more "lean" and your perfectly sculpted opinion, can I do that without the gym, and just with free weights? I know what I'm doing pretty much, and also trying to study for a personal training certification in my spare time (ha!) so I pick up a lot of knowledge when I read my books. I'm pretty disciplined to work out at home, but wondering if the machines at the gym would be better to get the results I want...

You "can" do it at home, but using the gym is much easier to be able to really challenge yourself to lift heavier. Using their equipment will allow you to push the limits. Since you have the memebership use it! Be sure to go lower in reps-- 5to6 range and lift heavy with plenty of recovery between each set. You'll see great gains if you challenge yourself in an anaerobic capacity.

Now it's time for me to get at least "part" of my workout done! OH and PLEASE try to make our Conference Call tomorrow at NOON Central time!!

Love ya's,