Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Maced myself!

It's true when they tell you "do NOT spray mace into the wind!"...I maced my face and most especially my leg on my run today! It's BURNING STILL!! Today was the first time I've had to use my mace in a long time. I had to spray it 3 times. First on a group of 5 small little agressive dogs- they had me circled. Once I sprayed just a bit they all ran home. Second time, I had a pit bull run up from behind and stop infront of me facing me off. So I sprayed HIM in the face- he ran back to his "home". Next,I had to by pass the little dogs again-- How quickly they forgot!! And kept running toward me despite my warning! That's when i sprayed into the wind and it hit me as I detoured them! IT was No fun to finish my run with mace in my mouth and lungs Crying I simply don't understand why these people let their dogs just run free?? It's so dumb!
IN other dog news we've had the little brown stray boy dog that visited us on Mothers Day come back with a big fluffy white girlfriend. They've been here on and off since last week. I've called the county dog control to come get them, but they have 1 truck for our whole county-- lots of land to cover so who knows when they'll make it here to get these two.

the little brown dog is hillarious~ so happy, smiley and cute. The BIG white dog must weight about 100 pounds....but is also super sweet!! They both want to be petted so bad!
Anyhow- I'm happy to report Layla (and I) got to come home yesterday afternoon from her appendectomy and doing AMAZING! She's resting alot and has restricted activity for 2 weeks. It's so awesome to be for all of us to together at HOME again! I've been getting back in the groove with workouts, eating, cleaning, working, etc...lots to do ESPECIALLY since I was supposed to be on "vacation" starting yesterday. LOL! I'll work hard today and tomorrow then be on a semi "vacation" starting on Thursday instead.
So far my workouts for the week have been Chest lifting last night and the 3 mile run (fasted) today. I'll be doing my leg workout later this afternoon :)I almost didn't want to weigh today (after the weekend of sitting and eating all day every day!!) BUT it's not so bad- I'm at 129 on cycle day 19 :) and it will go down!!
Glad to be home and back in the RR with you!!
Love, Michelle
p.s. I must mention the SHINE in 49 entries are AWESOME!! All of you who are posting WOW!! I LOVE the results and your thoughts about how you've progressed over the 7 weeks!! Thanks so much for your effort and your determination!! Keep at it~ more results will come with your consistent effort!!