Friday, June 15, 2012


I've been thinking a lot about the next year of my life the past week. I have some things I want to accomplish during my 37th year:

  • Keep a thankful heart
  • Pressing toward sharing God's love in all I do- SHINE for HIM!!
  • Find a good local church- get whole famiy involved


  • Help each of my kids with one of their passions-
    • Gunner's football preparation
    • Gracie's Gutiar/Voice lessons
    • Tia Sprinting at the TRACK and camping
    • Layla horse riding lessons
  • Keep being a good loving sweet supportive wife to my best friend of 20 years, Travis
  • Get our 20th anniversary trip to GERMANY planned!! (Aug 2013)


  • Finish off the remodeling that we need done
  • Get workout area "POSH"
  • Get a pool installed by next summer
  • keep working on our land- clearing it, making it beautiful!!
  • Maybe get some animals??


  • RE-publish a second edition of my book
  • Do more e-book promotion
  • Run another transformation contest this fall and next spring
  • Plan at least 1 more gathering in the next year (AUSTIN spring/summer 2013)
  • Work towards a "secret BIG project" completion for the NEW YEAR!!


  • Keep learning- I'd like to take some hands on classes/certifications
  • BE very consistent in my workouts and do them at a set time/place- follow my POA!
  • Stay healthy! No injuries or time off due to illness
  • Possibly do some tennis lessons and enter a tournament next spring??


  • I'd like to get my whole family eating Gluten-free...I pretty much have all the symtoms of needing to do this for myself (plus DH and 2 of my kids seem to have very similar issues with Gluten problems)
  • Get tested for allergies??
  • Work on my healthy cooking-- I go in streaks with this-- been BAD the past couple years!


  • I'd like to to consistently wear more "professional" looking clothes-- when I go to appointements or meetings I'll plan to look like a business woman-- not a teen, lol!
  • I'll continue to take care of my skin, teeth, hair and nails-- always looking "put together" (this is harder than you think for me!)
  • I'd also like to learn more about essential oils, home facial/hair treaments
  • Help my DD's be consistently "groomed"-- time to teach them how to shave, use curling iron and maybe even some make up lessons!

Yesterday, I skipped my leg workout~ I ended up having to go to Wal-mart to get food instead. Here's a pic I snapped just before going:

At least I got a run in though- today will be legs!! I'm going to head in to the gym~ but I'll do a few sets of "real Squats" here at home too!

Oh- and the stray dogs are gone off to the Rogers, AR shelter. They are GREAT dogs and I'm certain they'll find awesome homes!!
Alrighty, gotta go get a bunch of stuff done before my day "off" tomorrow!!

Love ya's!!