Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Summer is coming to an end quickly!!! SO....Today I took the kids +1 to see the "Dark Knight Rises"...It was a good fun way to start the new month with the kids. August is going to be an awesome month in so many ways-- fitness wise, friend wise, family wise and fun wise!!

Yesterday, I did a good back, shoulder, bicep + interval run+ cardio...it was a good test for my shoulder and I am a bit sore from it. Today was a day off of workouts, and my diet was a bit off too-- I don't think I went "backwards" but certainly not forwards with it-- TOMORROW it's back on like "DONKEY KONG".

Tomorrow I plan to take some time to make "lists" and "goals" for the month....I want to ACCOMPLISH a lot this AUGUST!

Love ya's,