Friday, September 28, 2012

Insulin Resistance

Yesterday I posted a bit about my insulin issues--"I've had a lot on my mind the past couple days-- I got some news about the blood/hormone tests I had done at the beginning of the month. The results support some of what I've theorized for quite some time about my body's response to carbs, I am INSULIN RESISTANT. Thankfully I've been eating higher protein/fat with lower carbs now for the past 9 years and am very consistent with my exercise because if I hadn't I'd most likely have Diabetes. It makes me very THANKFUL yet even more determined to do better in my diet-- I NEVER want to have the test come back saying I DO have diabetes. A couple other tests showed some complications caused by my insulin resistance (signs of PCOS)-- The moral of the story is that low CARB is a must for me-- it's not a choice. If I can keep my carb intake in check, my entire body will work better."

Insulin resistance is one step prior to pre-diabetes-- my AC1 score was 5.5 which is very high considering how much I workout and how low my carb intake is on average. I've known for years that in order to keep from gaining weight or to stay lean I have to keep my carbs very low. LOWER than most body's cells just don't absorb glucose like they should.

insulin resistance causes a lot of CARB BINGES, LOW ENERGY moments, fatigue and also can elevate your Stress hormones- It's also a leading cause in PCOS- which shows up in not fun ways-- irregular cycles, cysts, infertility, manly attributes, acne, belly fat, hair growth, hair loss, etc... my testosterone and dhea were also showing higher than average-- which is an indicator I am on the verge of PCOS disease. All of which can be reversed if I can keep my insulin resistance in check.

I'm not sure how low I need to go on the carbs-- I need to do an induction phase of atkins (trying to keep carbs under 20 grams/day) for 2 weeks to get my body to burn fat again. Once there I'll add in more carbs and see-- typically no more carbs can come into my body than I burn off in my workout-- so if I workout enough I can get away with some more carbs. I am so active already and workout a lot already that the change needs to come more from my diet.

workout today:

Sqauts, Deads, leg extensions, forward lunges, knee ups, hip rotations, ab wheel


Squats on webcam~

deads on webcam~

Workout clothes coutesy of Green Apple-- check them out here-

Have a good one~! Michelle