Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sport Specific


I feel like I've been posting quite a bit but most of it's been contest related, not personal blogs. Let me catch you up:

M- ran a warm up and then 2 hills and 5 fast sprints-- I also mowed/trimmed lawn
T- ran a longer run with some intervals in it
W- tennis lesson and a bit of chest workout

Today is all about getting some much needed paperwork done, a upper body lift completed, a run done and then cheering Gunner on in his football game in a town about 1 hour away--so once about 4 pm hits, we'll be off to the races for the night.

I'm a bit frustrated with myself regarding my lifting frequency this month-- I don't know what happened to the momentum I had for it about 4-6 weeks ago?? I guess I've added tennis and more running to my routine, so that may have thrown me off a bit. PLUS we had a cold/flu push through our house last week, so that always alters things... I tell clients quite often that we can't do it all-- training is very much "SPORT SPECIFIC"-- that's why you can't have marathoners who are bodybuilders, Golfers who are also great tennis players, MMA fighters who are also bull riders, etc... physical fitness is very specific to the sport you are training. If you care at all about "performance" in that sport, you will find it necessary to dedicate your training specifically to that sport-- that's why it's called "sport specific training" :) I need to remind myself of that-- if I'm giving more focus to my running, my lifting focus will suffer and vise/versa :)

here's my plan for the remainder of the week:
Fri- Lift legs
Sat- run and upper body
Sun- off (I'll be active, but no official workout)--maybe some tennis

Tennis is going well, it's fun to have someone help me with my form. It's so much easier to hit the ball with proper technique-- I just need to practice more when I'm not at my lesson. I'll have to enlist my kids to help me "play" some more :)

In the hormone front, TOM arrived on time yesterday-- 28 day cycle for me. I'm glad the fog is lifted and buffing is around the corner cheerleaders

We'll I'm off to check on your blogs~ have a TERRIFIC Thursday!!