Friday, October 05, 2012

But seriously, when is life going to SETTLE DOWN??

Ok, I've been through many CHAOTIC times in my life-- this doesn't "appear" to be one of those seasons, yet I seem to have NO TIME?? I am seriously confused on why I feel so busy!! I guess that's just the life of a MOTHER?? ...AND I expect that in less than 10 years I'll be an empty nester longing for the days when my kids were here with us.

To recap my week:

Monday- Chest lifting workout + a hills run

Ran to end of road then down trail for warm up- then 2 long hills; 1 shorter hill repeated 3 time plus cool down was same as warm up wore purple black Nikes.

2.89mi. run in 32:00-- the GPS doesn't seem to read accuratly on the hills- distance was longer I thihk?

Tues- Leg lifiting workout, Do you like my lifting partner?

Wednesday- Tennnis lesson- which wore me out! I also had some bad crab salad from the deli- ICKY, I was ILL for about 4 hours from that! Even had to take a nap!

Thursday- plan is to make up the lifting workout I missed yesterday-- back, shoulders, biceps and run intervals--- not sure where or when?? Tonight is Gunner's football game

Eating- it's been good minus the CRAB Salad issue-- NEVER AGAIN will I eat that! I've improved my choices daily and am in a good mental place to resist the sugar and carbs that tend to "sneak" into my diet. I can tell that I have less carbs in my system during workouts-- I was rather weak on Tuesday during legs. But overall I am actually feeling better!

Have a good one!! I'm off to the RACES!!