Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When to REST?

So many times I've been asked the question, "When should I REST instead of workout?" ...It's a tough one, but in general I go by about 4 different parameters:

1- Is my workout going to add to my tiredness in a negative way or am I tired because I need to get moving?
2- Would an hour nap do me more good than a workout?
3- Am I sick or on the verge of getting sick?
4- Am I depleted, sore and physically in need of a day off?

Typically, if a person is eating well, doing appropriate workouts for thier fitness level and generally a healthy person do they need to take more than 3 days off of workouts weekly. For a highly trained person- most weeks 1-2 days off is sufficient.

Some life events that cause me to take more than that off:

  • Travel
  • Big STRESS- like moving, marriage troubles, having babies, death in the family
  • Surgery, Illness
  • UNIQUE days-- those that are out of the ordinary routine of life
  • Lack of proper nutrition
  • Improper training- over working or under challenging myself, so therefore a lack of improvement in my fitness

Yesterday, after a week of travel prep and a weekend trip to Dallas that included some late nights- A VERY OUT OF THE ORDINARY weekend for us. I was EXHAUSTED yesterday. So I took the day off making that 2 days off in a row of workouts for me. I did mow the lawn-- SUNSHINE is such great therapy!

Today will be a workout for sure-- thinking I'm going to switch things up a bit these last 2 weeks of the contest to do FULL Body workouts- it may be easier for me to fit things in as we travel this week to MN again and as I recover from it the next week, lol!

Here's the POA-

Week #9 in our SSS contest-
Tues- Full body lift and a run
Wed- Full Body lift
Thurs- a run
Friday- off
Saturday- full body lift @hotel
Sun- a run

Week #10 in our SSS contest-
Monday- ?? Travel day-probably off
Tuesday- full body lift and a run
Wed- tennis
Thurs- full body lift
Friday- run
Saturday- Full Body Lift
Sunday- last day of contest~ run

If any of you in the RR would like to see a sample of a good full body lifting routine-- the ""30day Get Buff" contest book contains a full body workout routine- Here's the link to the first week's POA-- http://therallyroom.com/node/45413

Let's finish strong~ WE have enough time to get results 13 days baby!!

Love ya,