Thursday, October 18, 2012


HI Ya's!!
Well...yesterday was a much more productive day than Monday FOR SURE!! I got a few important thing done and also hit my workout good and hard-- I took some pics for #workoutproof
Here's one of me getting READY for my full body workout-- thought you'd like to see how my cool sports bra looks from behind.
From what I remember off the top of my head my workout went like this:
Warm up- push ups and stretching outside Bench Press
115x10x 2sets

135x10 Pull ups
10, 8, 6
Abs between sets- knee ups on bench, standing high knees, roman chair knee ups

Run hills
Then I took another picture after my run I ran
8 hills on the trail~
Then after my run I changed, got a snack and water-- for some TRACTOR TIME.
I also took several different, 4 actually, videos of my workout LIVE yesterday.
They are on my you tube channel
I am still trying to figure out how best to capture and edit videos on my Mac. I am not impressed with it at all-- I really regret paying $2500 for my mac. I'd rather have 2 SUPER NICE pc's instead!
Okay, enough of the rant.
I canceled my tennis lesson for today-- we fly out EARLY tomorrow morning so I have tons of prepping and packing to do today-- plus Guitar lessons and AWANA and a visit with the Dog Sitter on tap.
WE have 12 days left~ let's see how much progress we can make!! I know i'll make some good progress!!