Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Am I a Hermit??

I seriously am worried I'm turning into a HERMIT. I don't want to leave my house! I know my hormones tend to make me feel this way monthly, but I am seriously feeling more and more like I don't want to venture away from my "Sanctuary" of a ranch. We moved out to the country about a year ago and I'm totally diggin it! I've learned so much about myself this past year...I love doing so many things that I never knew existed prior to this past year.

I love driving a tractor
I love planting fields
I love brush hogging
I love building big fires
I love running hills on a dirt trail
I love hunting varmits
I love shooting guns (i got a hand gun and a shot gun!)
I love making mulch (our anniversary present was a small mulcher)
I love cutting down weeds and sumac!! it makes me feel powerful!
I love working out at home! (I never thought that'd be the case)
I enjoy the sunrise (Before this year, I barely ever got up to see one, lol)

...I could keep going but the point is that life is so amazing-- a constant adventure and discovery!!

So far our 28days of Chistmas is a success!! tons of posting tons of fun #workoutproof pictures~ tons of great women who I'm so excited to get to know better!!

I got in my workout last evening at about 6pm... here's my proof pic~ I'm sore today!!

Today I hope to get my workout done earlier. Upper body and a run is on tap!!

Have a GREAT day #2!!