Thursday, January 24, 2013

Do you ever feel a bit sick??

Do you ever feel a bit sick?? -- like with a raw throat? Well I did yesterday but, didn't let it stop me from getting in a bit of a workout~ I think it was just what I needed to rid this body of the TOXINS! A Word of CAUTION ~ practice extra careful "SANITARY" lifting at the gym ESPECIALLY if you may be getting ill-- wash your hands, wipe down equipment and don't cough on others!

Chest Press Machine
Shoulder Press Machine
Lat Pull
Seated Rows
Hanging Knee ups

Intervals on Treadmill...haven't been running on tready much, so I didn't push it too hard so my joints didin't go into shock. I ran my easy minutes at 6mph, hard at 7mph x4 and then finished with the last 3 hard mins at 8mph.

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Today, I'm going to get in a full chest/tricep workotu and run again~ OUTSIDE this time, I needs my Sunshine!!

Love ya's,


p.s. Yesterday 1-22-13 was cday1 (cycle was 25dasy), weight 131.6 ; Today weight is ___on cycle day 2-- and I'm feeling better today :) Both in my tummy and in my head/nose/throat