Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Go Time!

Okay ladies, it's GO TIME for me..., prep for VEGAS PLUS, lots to do in LIFE!
We (my kids and I) plan to hit the track this afternoon for a good workout

Today's Journal items:

6 Daily Goals-- My sexy mindset
  1. cycle day- 7, I feel good~  I have good energy, a decent mood, I feel happy and healthy overall.  I feel like taking a day off workouts yesterday was a smart move
  2. weight- 127.0... great considering I ate salty chili last night prior to bed and that I had a day off workouts yesterday. I can tell I'll need to start eating a bit more to sustain my track workouts.  I'll start that AFTER VEGAS, lol!!
  3. To do's- finish workout program for a client, get bunny food and clean cage, get in some good OUTSIDE time, Do a track workout with the kids!
  4. Workout- Track workout-- some long some short-- I'll do a couple 400's then I'll focus on running 4-5x 100's with the kids.  Believe it or not I'm still a bit sore in my feet from Monday-- crazy!
  5. Meal POA- M1 done- protein powder+spinach in pineapple coconut water M2: tuna salad with tuna, 1 hb egg, salad dressing, sweet pickle relish and 1/4 c. cooked quona mixed M3: ?  M4: cooking a roast in oven with sweet taters, onions and carrots
  6. Sexy Actions-  get dolled up for the FIGHTS tonight~ They are free on FOX if you are interested!  I'll wear a bit of extra make up, put on perfume and earrings.  Smile at, touch and flirt with the hubby