Friday, April 12, 2013

I Feel It!

I feel it today!!
I feel the end of our contest coming near
I feel the LUNGES in my booty
I feel the hormones levels in my body LOWERING
I feel SPRING in the AIR
I feel the excitement of new goals

I FEEL it!! YAY!!

Today I summarized all the info you need to get your final entry completed for the contest:
S2S~ Day 40: Final ENTRY info

My day didn't go exactly as planned yesterday-- the softball game ended up being cancelled so my workout plan had to change a bit.  I also didn't have time to "lay down" for 20 mins in the tanning bed, lol!!  I did get in a killer hill workout~ I ran 9 min warm up- 5 long hills of about 50 seconds each, with jogging of about 1:30 downhill between-- then 4 SHORT STEEP 20 sec hills with walking down 1:10 between finished with a long final run to bridge and final hill.  All in all "RUN KEEPER" said I got in 3.5 miles over the 36 min duration but the GPS doesn't detect hilly terrain, so it was actually further.

After the run I did my 100 lunges-- some walking ones, some side ones, some uphill ones
Then went inside and did a short leg workout and some abs

 This morning I'm have to run some $$ into my son, he's got a track meet this afternoon and needs to buy some food at it. While I'm there I'll go tanning and get in some smith lunges and cardio!

Later today I'll do a bit more of a workout-- lifting upper body and intervals on the bike.

 I snapped this picture yesterday prior to heading out shopping, I made an extra effort with my hair-used hot rollers and wore heels out to the stores!
I shopped a bit for some VEGAS clothes and I got groceries (EXITING, lol!)

Let's have a STELLAR DAY!! Kick it in ladies, just 3 days to go in our contest~ YAY!!
The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!