Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Poke in the booty...bikini day 2

HI Ladies!! Today I am up and at 'em early. I'm expecting a VERY productive, VICTORIOUS day!!
My neck and shoulder are feeling much more NORMAL.  I am not 100% but well on my way! 

Today's contest post contains some fun thoughts about regaining your sexy mojo~ be sure to share some of your ideas!
S2S~ Day 31: Sexy MOJO

Also, We have our CHAT TODAY!!

11:00 AM Central Standard Time

Yesterday, I was at a loss for what to do...I wanted to workout, but didn't feel ready to do an upper body workout-- so I just did intervals + extra cardio
20 mins of Running intervals + 10 extra minutes of running then 10 mins on the Elliptical alternating going forward and backward; 40 mins total

I thought this was funny~ Poked myself in the booty on day 2 of or sexy bikini challenge:
603936_10152708021550055_1660391646_n you go through your day today I urge you to remember~
What’s a VICTORY you’ve had already today?
I know for me, I've already taken my NO2 Supplement, Scanned some pictures for my kids, I did the dishes and I spent time promoting my business.

My plan is to ATTACK~! the day with my truth hammer- “I am Victorious!!!!”
I have a short but powerful list of To Do’s today:
1- devotion/prayer time with God
2- work on organizing for my taxes
3- complete at least 1 workout program for clients
4- workout- Back, Shoulders, ABS

Let's be VICTORIOUS today!!
I'm putting this here for a personal reminder to myself (taken from
Some of the things I am going to be staunch about during the finish of this contest are:
  • FASTED cardio!  i have not done much of this the past 2 years....just because I am in  a nice "comfort zone" with my body.  Well This buffing phase I don't care about being comfortable...I want to see some fat loss!
  • Low-Low Carb diet...I am going to shoot for no more than 2 servings of Carbs a day.  The only way I am able to accomplish this is to go in with a NO CARB mindset.  I do that because carbs always "slip" in~ they are SNEAKY!
  • Smaller portion sizes- I typically have portions that are 25-30grams in size.  I'll be shooting for 20g portions these next 2 weeks.
  • EXTRA Cardio- 20 mins EXTRA- 3 times a week and ONE LONG cardio day- 45-60 min session.
All of that combined with what i normally do WILL eliminate some fat off this body and I'll be more ripped than I've been in quite a while!! I am ready to FINISH STRONG!!

ALSO~ I keep forgetting to do my journal--
p.s. 6 Daily Goals-- that will be topics in my daily journal
  1. Cycle day-- yesterday was day 17 and today was day 18-- i feel good- confident, nice energy, waking up well in the morning.  I still feel like I am buffing-- so that's nice because I am (until tomorrow!)
  2. Weight--yesteday I was 128. Today I am 130...BUT I expected that-- I had a high salt evening last night.  I sweated so much during my workout that I felt like I needed salt so BADLY.  I drank some hot water with 2 bullion cubes in it- YUM! and I also drank some pickle juice and ate a BIG pickle just before bed (get your mind out of the gutter!! it was an actual pickle!).
  3. Sexy To do's- I am to put on a pair of heels as I walk around my house today.  It makes me feel sexy, plus I need to condition my body to wear heels again.
  4. Workout-- 20 mins fasted bike- then later: Back, Shoulders, Biceps
  5. Meal POA-- proteins and greens. I'm really hungry for and omlete and tuna today-- those will be on the menu for sure!
  6. Sexy Actions--I am going to send some flirty texts to Travis today  
The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!