Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Butt Workotut~ the "SUB"

the "SUB"=

Do this circuit 4 times~ it is not a RACE!

"S"- Squat : Place feet a bit wider than shoulder width, toes out and lower sticking butt back and out. Focus on really OPENING your hips as you go low.  Nice slow and controlled pace for 10 reps.

"U"- UnderButts: Stand legs a bit wider than shoulder width and knees slightly bent. Start with an exaggerated lumbar curve and then rotate pelvis forward so than your butt is clinched and you have an underbutt.  Do 10 reps.

"B"- Booty Swivels: Stand with as if you are lunging with left foot forward, feet facing forward and hold onto something in front of you.  Open your hips to the right then swivel back to start.  Do 10 reps each side alternating starting leg each set.