Tuesday, May 07, 2013

off my HINEY

Yesterday was cycle day 23...enough said, lol!  No seriously it wasn't bad at all...I actually had a good day! Today in contrast has already been a hormonal struggle~ I must remember "It's just my HORMONES!"...Chill out Michelle!

Today is Day #2 of our HH Contest and in the forum post I talk more specifically about ways to really CHANGE your butt: BIG Butt Work

My butt goal~ build up/keep my butt muscles throughout my track training; My visual is of my own butt Hormonal Timing downladed e book 8-5-09.pdf_page_128_of_130

My butt habit to incorporate~ Lift heavier! I've been in "recovery mode" from a neck injury for the past couple months...now that I am healthy again it's time to challenge myself on the weights.  Lower reps and higher weights~ Heavy lifting provides amazing muscle growth!

My butt habit to eliminate~ Sitting! get off my HINEY! I'll be using my standing work station

Yesterday, I was really  sore and tired from Sunday's track workout. But I did manage to do a short back workout
Bent over DB Lat rows- 2 sets
Inverted Pull ups- 4 sets
Ab Wheel- 1 set
Lateral and front raises- 10#plates 1 set
Bicep Curls- 2 sets
Pull ups- one set of 8

Today my plan is to lift Chest/triceps/Abs and run hill intervals.
I also need to take my butt starting pictures!

Off to get off my HINEY! I'll be using my standing work station a lot over the next 3 weeks!
Have a happy day~