Friday, May 24, 2013

Pretty Pink

Yesterday turned into a highly productive day!! I love it when things get accomplished!
I started the day with "work time" --adding a ton of videos to You Tube. I'm still a bit behind on the booty workouts though.  If you've ever posted HD vids to the internet with a super slow connection, you would understand why. It takes forever!

After/During that I did my chest lifting workout and also packed up a bunch of MY DVD's with Band workouts to ship out

Then I got dolled up and headed out to lunch with my SIL, Heidi
She gave me the most beautiful pink gem necklace!

Then I got my nails done, ran a few more errands and even got my puppy groomed.
Once I got home I brought Gunner to the DR for his physical and then hit Wal-Mart for food.
We spent the night doing some "target practice" and finished the evening off with a "night hunt".

VERY good fun day!!
Today is Day 19 of our Hot Hiney contest~ and I will be working MY BOOTY off today~ I'll be taping the TUNA and the MELT today!
Here's the post for today:

I'm off to have another productive day!!
p.s. check out my new feature on Pinqii
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