Thursday, May 02, 2013


Holy cow! I am not quite sure i am recovered from Vegas yet???  I apparently was expending a lot of energy over the weekend, lol! Which by the way I've been putting together a "vegas recap" blog and should have it complete today!

I spent yesterday catching up on work, cleaning, laundry and took in a bit of sun, since it was the last day of it for the week.  My workout yesterday was Legs:
Squats- high set was 155 x10
hip twists
Bulgarians- high set was 30# db's--holy cow that was hard!
Knee Extensions
Hip lifts
Standing hip ups
Hip circles
Butt Pops
Knee ups on roman chair
I had our booty contest on my mind during the workout-- I'll demo some of the moves during the contest for you~ The song "Sexy Bit$#" was playing on my Ipod when I too my #workoutproof pic, can you tell?

I ended up having to cut the workout short- I had to get to the post office before it closed. BY THE WAY! if you won a shirt in the S2S contest, please message me your address and what shirt you want.

Then it was off to the races-- guitar lessons, wal-mart, more cooking and cleaning in time for Hubby to get home from a work trip (he was in MN yesterday)...Once he was home, I cuddled up with him to CELEBRATE his successful trip -- my hubby is such a great provider for us!

Today I slept in until 9am~ crazy! I am still beat!  Anyhow, my little TIA was home sick on a day she was suppose to celebrate her benchmark success with a "walk to sonic"...since she missed I picked her up and we "drove to sonic"

After I got her back to the school I hit the gym
My workout today was Back (and shoulders and biceps and as always ABS!):

Lat pulls
Calf Raises
70x15x4 (various foot positions)
Knee ups on bench
25 reps x2 sets-- + finished with single leg on second set
T-bar row machine (never done this one b4)
One arm lat rows
Bent over lateral raises-- super focused on rear delts
Hammer Curls
Shoulder press machine
60x10 frontward + 60x 10 backwards
Lower back extensions with booty focus- 2 sets

Then cardio-- working on my VO2max-- Recumbent bike 23mins with about 4 more intense intervals of 1 min; 30 seconds; 1:20 and 1min
Then elliptical- forward and backward intervals for 20 mins- first half at level 5; second half at level 6

I plan to run on the treadmill after my food digests @ about 4pm-
I got some new shoes!! Actually 2 pair~ wore the white and hot pink ones today:

What is your goal for May? workout daily? quit the dessert habit? build shapely muscle? lose weight? ...My goal for may is to fuel my body for my running/track workouts and forget about the SCALE-- this month is all about PERFORMANCE!  Diet is always a hard item for me-- partly because I can't eat many carbs and I'm always trying to "walk the line" of getting enough, but not too many.  Anyhow it's my focus for May
Today I've had
4 eggs over easy cooked in butter
1 cutie
2cups coffee with half and half
1 tater tot and 1 mozzarella stick-- took Tia to lunch
3 large straw berries
large chicken salad: Romaine, spinach, pea pods, carrot, cashews, shredded sharp cheddar and ranch dressing

Gotta go get a bit more work caught up on and finish my Vegas recap post--
Keep up the great focus!!