Sunday, May 19, 2013


HI Ya!!
Day 14 of our 21 day contest!
Is your Hot Hiney "HURT?"~ Day #14~


Here are mine again:
My butt habit to incorporate~ Lift heavier! I've been in "recovery mode" from a neck injury for the past couple that I am healthy again it's time to challenge myself on the weights.  Lower reps and higher weights~ Heavy lifting provides amazing muscle growth!

My butt habit to eliminate~ Sitting! get off my HINEY! I'll be using my standing work station

Yesterday was a good day outside.
I got in a Track workout:
Run 2 laps for warm up
Run 200m x2 (time: ?, 31)
Run 50 acceleration- had Tia video this...looked slow and need to get on my toes!
Run 300m- 46sec...during this one my left hip flexor was bothering me
Run 300m- 49sec- ran slower on purpose due to hip
Cut workout short, hip flexor was too bothersome. I'm wondering if it was a cramp?  I'll be nice to it for a couple days and see.

Then I mowed, brush hogged and weed whipped for several hours.
I also ACCIDENTALLY took some advil I had in my hand to give DH. I went into autopilot mode and swallowed them down with my water-- silly! lol!

Anyhow, today I plan to get in a good workout and some sun! Right now I'm watching the UFC event from last night-- LOVE MMA!!

Let's have an AWESOME final Week of our BOOTY contest!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!