Monday, January 23, 2006

I had a little bit of a frustrating afternoon, my e-mail went down! EEEK!! I was really worried...and so I had to practically force myself to the gym tonight...but I was determined to get it done!!!

So here is the BEST workout I have had in about 2 weeks...
First let's not forget my run at 2pm of 3.2 miles

Tonight at 6:30 pm:
R-Bike warm up 5 min- my hammies are so sore!
95x6 directly went to next set
125x5 (no spotter, very scared I wasn't going to get the 5th)
I was very strong on bench creatine is really kicking in!!

Incline flys
40'sx6x3 (a new recent high)

Cable Flys one arm at a time

Tricep extensions*
bar+20 x15
bar+30 x10x3
*paired with
Bicep curls(I threw these in cuz my biceps need some love)
bar+20x 21's

Bench dips-one set
kick backs
15x8x2...My "pump" was unreal, I could hardly staighten out my arm!!

Tricep push downs

Romain chair knee ups
3 sets of 40
Bench knee ups
3 sets 'till failure or boredom...not sure which one?

During my workout I had a poweraid...very good :)

Like I said this was a super AWESOME workout day for me! I think the motivation of my upcomming contest is gonna get me many more GREAT workouts like these!!

LOVE IT!!-Michelle