Friday, January 20, 2006

TGIF and a Fabulous Friday it is!!!

I love Fridays :)

This week has flown by for me...tons of things to do and tons of
things accomplished.

I have a flaw, I often focus on what is to be done vs. looking at what
has been. I plan to change that and start celebrating every little
accomplishment on my list of "to do's"

So this week to name a few:
I got in 4 soon to be 5 AWESOME workouts
I have had 4 Awesome days of drinking my water
I got a nap
I got through my inbox
I accomplished a lot towards my business
I used my new organizer :)
I connected with my son through teaching him card games
I spent quality time with my hubby

Now for today a few tiny things I will do:
Pay the bills and sign up for an automatic draft for my phone bill
do an awesome leg workout
make some headway on purchasing my suits for my contest

That sounds doable for me today!!

Remember to celebrate the tiny victories in life...It's the baby steps
that will get you to your goals.

Love ya, Michelle