Wednesday, January 18, 2006

UFC here I come!!

I got some great news early this afternoon. My DH and I are going on a bit of a trip!! TO VEGAS for The UFC fights on March 4th, woohoo!

I am so excited about the entire aspect of the trip...even more incentive for me to work harder than ever to get buffer than ever.

This week my workout split has been a bit different here is the overview as I explained to Toni on the Yahoo group:
"About my split, not really a 5 day. It is a modified split...I am
building up to the 3 day 2x's a week for next week. I had just been
having a hard time recovering. My CREATINE is kicking in and recovery
has already sped up.

Here is This week's modified split...
Th-arms and shoulders
Sat-upper body
Sunday- off"

So that is the "plan"

Now for today's workout:

I didn't have to bring the kids!! So it was very relaxing all the way around:)
Warm up elliptical 5 min hard plus I had gone tanning just prior to going to the gym (light therapy for me)

120x5 no spotters, scarry

Incline Flys
35x8 they need to make a 37.5# db

Hammer flat bench
100x6 slight shoulder strain (an old injury I need to lay off of when I feel the pain)

Cable Flys(one arm at a time)

push ups slow

Ab work between sets
2 sets knee ups on the bench
4 sets knee ups on roman chair

Once I started doing my push ups I started feeling a little sick...but I decided to run regardless so:
warm up for run on elliptical (i do this to loosen up my knee)
4 min warm up on tready then
1 min @7,9,10 mph's 3 times
the fourth time was 7, 9.5 and 11 for 30 seconds...then I had to stop becuase I though I was going to PUKE!!!

Icky...I have not felt that sick during a workout in ages. I think it was a combo of all the supplements I took and this nasty kind on GREEN Drink I bought yesterday (only cuz my hubby likes that kind, ick)

So all in all I still feel sick a bit, but I got a GREAT workout in. Tomorrow I am off from going to the gym so unless I go in the pm with my DH. Either way I will get in some bi's, tri's and shoulders.

Well, I think I need to eat something now...