Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday Ramblings

We are home, I had a great workout.
Shoulders, Bi's and Tri's

The girls are eating their lunch. Corn Dogs and Hot dogs...I know BAD, but at least some protein Smiling
Also they will have some soybeans, they like those.

For me here is what I have put down the shoot so far today
1/2 one way bar on the way to the gym
Tons of water, yeah!!
1 grean drink, 2 cups of coffee
1 spike supplement

Post workout:
6g l-glutamine
and I am going to eat a boca burger and then a meal replacement shake
so about 3 p's, 1 C

Later I will have some GREENs and I'll be back to post my workout in a tish


I'm Back!!
As I mentioned earlier the only parts of my body that are not sore at the moment are my Shoulders, Bi's and Tri's

So that was today's workout:

Warm up on the Elliptical
8 min while Chatting with my friend Shay...she is one of my clients, a beautiful positive lady.

Shoulder press: 75x15,105x10,120x10, 120x8
paired with
Bicep curl Machine: 50x25, 60x15, 70x10 short, 70x12

Curl bar curls (not sure of the wt of my curlbar?) I am assuming 15#'s
55x4,50x6 wide,50x8 wide,50x10 medium, 50x6close
paired with
Behind the head standing military
55x8, 50x8x3sets

Tricep Extension
paired with
Hammer DB curls (alternating arms)

Lateral Raises
paired with
Arnolds presses one arm at a time
25x5, 20x10, 25x4, 20x6

Rotator cuff
10x15, 8x15

Rear delt flys
10x20, 10x10, 8x15

Tricep kick backs

Tricep push downs (strait bar, bad cable machine)

Time was up...
weight today 124.5
suprised since I am very sore in my back and legs

All in all it was a good workout...I plan to do some intervals on my r-bike now while I watch Joyce meyer on my computer

I love hearing a good message Smiling