Sunday, February 12, 2006

7 week countdown is on!!!

Alright!!! it is starting to get close to "CRUNCH" time for the contest....I know that every day I get more and more intense and nervous about it!!!

The last show I competed in was in July of 2004. I quit competing becuase of the "illegal substances" used by many of the athletes and realized I did not want to compete in that atmosphere.

Last year I was tempted to do many contests, but never "pulled the trigger" on actually entering a contest.

NOW!! This Southern States Classic on April 8th is my testing ground. I am excited at the possiblities and in the fact that it is a "NATURAL" contest. I am excited to see what the contest holds!!!

I am also so pumped that Shellie, my super friend and STUD of a client is going to be on stage with me!! She is has come so far and impresses me more everyday with her passion for fitness.

Another cool thing about the contest is that Laurie St. Michael, the Sales Manager at my new gym, FUSE. Is a super all star make-up, hair and Competition color SPECIALIST!!
She has tons of experience doing color for all the big name bodybuilders at the OLYMPIA and many other shows for Jan Tana...the leader in contest color. So she is going help do my color and maybe Shellie's too!!

So lots of fun stuff to look forward to!

I also have to report that I had a great leg workout yesterday and chest/tri's/bi's and running today.

My eats have been not the best :(...this stomach flu and kid's b-days have been testing on me. BUT- I will be strict from here on in!

7 weeks and counting!!!
Thanks for the constant source of motivation, I love you Gals.

My plan for the week!
#1- To get healthy!! I have been fighting this sinus gunk for the past 2 weeks...if my sinuses don't stop it, I will have to go get antibiotics.

#2- To get some major work done on my website and my book :)

#3- to eat being a bit sick and having birthday parties this week has made my eating a little less than great. It is crunchtime! 7 weeks to the contest, yippie

#4- fit in a spinning class this week, I am dying to kill my booty :0

Monday- Workout at 4 shoulders Back and intervals on bike
Tues- Workouts at 10 am Legs and maybe run a bit
Wed- workout at 10 chest tris and run or spin
Thurs- DH's it by ear but DAY OFF most likely :)
Friday- do Back Bi's and shoulders
Saturday- workout with DH...legs
Sunday- workout either at or go to gym with DH

LOOKS good now to put it into action!!