Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hi ya Everyone!!

Hi ya ....

I hope you are setting some time aside to rest a bit today, I have been all morning. I am also continuing to "feel" better little by little.
Gracie though is sick again today...poor thing :(

The birthday party went well the girls got...little bikes with training wheels, princess and tinkerbell suit cases, strawberry shortcake shoes, puzzels, play guitars, painting books, baby dolls and a few other litttle items. We had a good time!!!

Then last night Travis and I got to go on a date!! MAN I love him, I could spend every second of my life hanging out with him, we have so much fun together. His birthday is on Thursday and He will be one ever believes he is that old. I don't believe it either!

So for today's workout HMMMM...I think I will go running outside this afternoon and do some biceps and pull ups, abs and other junk. Probably no gym, but I love it there so maybe (if Gramma is up for watching the sick little GRACIE)

I am off to shower,
Have a relaxing day,