Friday, February 10, 2006

I feel about 80%

I was sick yesterday along with my dear little Gracie...sort of a 24hour flu thing.

I am feeling much better today...I was able to sleep in a bit this morning and take my time getting to the gym. We got there at about noon. Then at the gym I had times where I had extreeeeem exhaustion....very weird for me.

But I had a great workout and know that tomorrow I will be at 100%!!!

Upright bike
8 min with 3 intervals
Run on treaddy
10 min with 4 intervals

Then back
warm up on lat pull machine
pull ups
med grip 10
wide grip 5
med grip 7
roman chair knee ups 40
free motion lat machine
80x4together,6 alternate, 7 alternate

40x15 behind head
50x12 infront
50x10 behind

Rows free motion

Rear delt cable

Cable row full rom with shoulder
60x10x2 middle
70x10x2 low

lateral raises
paired with upright monkey rows(thanks Juls)same weights

upright rows 17.5x10
Arnolds both arms together
one set of Hammer curls between

Bench knee ups to failure
15to each side/15 front/5 pike

Run on Treaddy
21 min total- some intervals at firts going from 8 to 9 mph
then 6 min steady at 9.5 mph recover for 2 min then one min at 11.5 and then cool down for 2 min

I feel relaxed and good about getting it done! Can you tell I am trying to make up for pizza and cake I ate last night??

MY weight is still 130, this amazes me because I am leaning up...I must be gaining some muscle, YIPPIE!! So, I will see. I do however have at least 2-3 pounds I have to drop before the contest, but being 7 weeks out, I am not worried about being able to do that. The only thing that makes me want to lean up sooner is out trip to Vegas March 4th(which is not set in stone yet Sad )

Soooooo Legs are tomorrow!! I love leg day