Sunday, July 16, 2006

Week's Wrap up

Gunner Berger's Birthday this week!!! He is gonna be 7!!!

Well this week was a productive one all together...I got a lot done with the free time VBS gave me and I had some great boositng workouts with the help of my xyience supplements.

Here is the wrap up:
Mon-Back- 10 min of cardio+ 20 min intervals
Tue-Chest- 10 min cardio + 20 min running intervals 10x10 push ups
Wed-Legs- 10 min warm up cardio
Thurs-Back- 10 min cardio +10 min running intervals
Fri-Chest- cardio in between sets boxing drills- 43 push up max- 100 total
Saturday- Legs--HEAVY
Sunday- REST!!...I needed it BAD-

The plan for this week is to keep up with the push up challenge--
do a bit more running and start "buffing" while keeping up with my supplements...I am gonna see how that goes--taking creatine while typically doesn't work very well for me. but I will try it for a week for sure and see, I have a fun Ladies NIGHT on Tuesday at the gym and Gunner's Birthday is on Wednesday!!

So it will be a really good week!

What's on tap for you this week?