Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy leg day!

Hello, Hello!!
I am so happy to report that I had a VERY good workout today and a Good day overall.

On my mind today was a lot of work stuff...I am trying to "Git 'r dun"--not sure how to spell that--but there is a ton of stuff that backed up over the holidays that needs to be tackled. Also, I went an bought Gunner some wrestling shoes for his wrestling. He is really doing great at it and really enjoys it.

As I was walking in to pick him up I overheard 2 mothers talking one said, "I wouldn't trade my kids for the world, but ohhhh to have the body I did before kids and still have kids would be GREAT." The other responded..."I would actually trade my kids for my old body, LOL"

On to my workout:
Warm up elliptical 10 mins

These 2 paired:
Leg curls (bent over single leg machine)

Calves on leg press*these next 2 did with my friend

Leg press--not sure but did tons of reps lower weight 4 sets

20's x10
Laying side leg raises
25 reps x 4 sets

next 2 paired
Knee extensions
Lower back extensions
40, 25#x20x2

Did 10 min elliptical
Then I ran--
during my run I did
1/2 mile at 9mph
1/2 mile at 10 mph
then 4 mins at 10mph

then I did more elliptical--15 mins

While doing the elliptical I read GLAMOUR...I like that magazine. Lots of cool pics, lol

Eats have been very good again today--so day 3 of dieting smoothly.

Have a sweet night,