Friday, February 01, 2008

February is "All about Love" Month!!

I declare that this month is to be "ALL about LOVE" Month!!

I love the topic of love~ It is such a great concept! LOVING others is my mission in life, is it yours?

Let's strive to make this month all about love...let's talk about it, learn about it, research it, experience it, give it, feel it, desire it, accept it, imagine it, write abut it, draw about it, etc....LET's LOVE!!

So your daily assignment is to start your blog with at least 1 sentence about some aspect of love! This will be fun and help us keep love our focus in FEBRUARY!!!

Here is my blog for today!
I love you!I sure hope you don't ever get sick of me telling you that I LOVE YOU!! BUT, I can't help telling you that I do!

I love the fact that you are out there living life and taking control of you fitness and health. You realize that every little thing you do on a min by min basis impacts your legacy forever!! I love that fact that you support your fellow friends t hrough encouraging them, lifting them up, praying for them, And I am so thankful that you are here and your willingness to share your life with us!! I LOVE IT!!


my workout tonight

mini circuits
pull ups 10, 6, 5
dips 3 sets of 8
knee ups- roman chair 30, 30

military standing BB behind neck press 45x10x2sets, 55x10
BB bicep curls 45x10x2sets, 55x10
upright rows 45x10x2sets, 55x10
knee ups on bench 2 sets of 40 (20 front, 10 ea side)

bench 95x10, 105x6, 105x5
Ab roller 40 reps x 3 sets

Run intervals on treadmill- all at 2% incline
1-3 warm up 4, 6 &7mph
4- 9mph
7, 8- 7mph
9, 10- 9mph
11- 7mph
13- 7mph
15- 7mph
17,18- 10mph
19-21 6mph, 4mph

Love ya!!