Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I think my body's starter is in need of a tune up, lol!! I am struggling to get "started" :sleep: today, lol!! That combined with the rain/flooding is making for a slow moring

BUT, I knew a trip to the RR would fuel my engine and get me rollin' towards a GREAT day 4 of being RELENTLESS...
I am on c-day 3 and Yesterday was a toughie...
My body forced me to take a mostly "off" day from working out--
I was very sore from Mon and Tuesday's workout, tired from TOM and had a bit of a back issue that kept me questioning if I should workout or not?? HMMM~ so...I ended up doing 40 push ups and called it good!

Today's plan for my workout is this-
20 min warm up on r-bike while reading
upper body lifting--HEAVY!
20 min of intervals running on treddy

Then the rest of my day if filled with phone calls, laundry, cleaning, mailing stuff at the po box, piano lessons and TAXES!

I am of to get this day really STARTED!! with a GREAT workout~
I had an AWESOME workout!!

warm up
r-bike 20 mins

Cybex lat pulls

Seated rows

pull ups

High iso lat pull (hammer strength)
90x10 together
90x5 together+6 each sidex2 sets

Knee ups
40, 30

Assisted pull ups
40#wide overhandx6rep+underhandx5 reps

Shoulder press

Lateral/front raises/upright rows
12'sx10reps of each in a supersetx3 sets

ran intervals
warm up
2 mins at 8mph 1 min @6 2x's
2 mins at 8.5 mph 1 min @6 3x's
then cool down

then abs--the following circuit twice
Sit ups 30, 30
roman chair knee ups 15, 20
vacuums 3 hard 10 sec ones

Hope you are having and AWESOME POSSUM day yourself!!!