Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Natural Dreams!


I love nature!! Until I was 12 I lived in Colorado and spent many weekends/summers camping, hiking and site seeing with my family. I really grew to love nature~ however with the having kids and a thriving business, I've had less time to be in NATURE...one of my dreams is to see some of the top natural wonders of the world.
the 7 natural wonders of the world list off as follows:

1-Grand Canyon- this is a no brainer...I have to see it within the next 5 years

2-Great Barrier Reef...Not sure if I have a huge desire to see this, but if it happens, I am sure it will be cool.

3-Harbor of Rio de Janeiro- I am not sure what this even is?? But Rio de Janeiro, sounds like a beach!

4-Mount Everest- this is a must see

5-Northern Lights- I've seen these a little bit :)...but I'd love to get further north to see them MORE

6-Paricutin volcano- a real live volcano would be INSANE to see!!

7-Victoria Falls- I would LOVE to see these!!!

at this point in my life just getting out on a walking trail, bike ride or even a run really helps center me and bring me back to nature. It is so refreshing and beautiful to inhale the natural beauty of God's creation!!

Yesterday I did my lunges!! and a small yet effective home upper body workout that included:
push ups
pull ups
military press
lateral raises
bowflex flys, presses and tri extensions
bicep curls

I also rode my upright bike for about 5 mins total and did some jumping abs.

My goal for today is to have a good leg workout and get in a run even if it is just for 11 mins on the treddy :)

Keep rockin!!!
p.s. my eats
PPPPP: chicken and a bunch more chicken(...not like me at all to only eat 1 type of P)
CCC: cereal bar (pre-workout); banana (post workout); rice
FFF: black olive tapenade, cashews, cooking oil
GGG: pepper, brocolli
+ my usual 2 cups coffee w/cream and sugar