Monday, August 25, 2008

Finish STRONG!!!
My goal this week is to finish out this month STRONG!! I expect that this week is going to show some fun results from all the hard work I've put in this summer!! I am so excited to be headed into the fall feeling my best~ and looking GREAT too!

Last week I did great~ my "no excuses" motto really kept me going strong-
I worked out 5 days total and am ready both mentally and physically to turn it up a notch this's a POA!

M- run outside and chest/tri- get grocieries!
T- Legs
W- back, bi, sh, run- massage in the morning- cleaning lady day and I want to get my carpets cleaned too
Th-? It's my anniversary!! It may be a day off...but we'll see :)..Vikings play on TV!
Friday-upper body and run
Saturday- Photos and legs- bday party for my niece- UFC Event~ Liddel fighths!!!
Sunday- run- church

This week and weekend will be a weird one Football practice for Gunz officially starts, My 15th wedding anniversary is on Thrus, and the kids only have school four days then have 5 days off over the weekend! WOW~ that'll be crazy, lol!

Diet will be key for me this week-- I am going very low carb--mostly P's, G's and F's :)
I'll also try to throw in some fasted cardio to burn off this last bit of flab....I wanna look great for my pictures on Sat!!!

Let's Finish Strong Ladies!!