Thursday, August 14, 2008

what happend to WED?
I am sorry...I totally missed blogging yesterday? What happened to me yesterday???--welll WHAM! HORMONES!!! it was c-day 18 and my hormones have started messing with my brain/body, I guess I am making it sound worse than it was because I actually had a pretty good day!!!
It started off with cleaning out my Daughter's closet (thanks for the inspiration on that Lisa)...then I got ready for my massage!!! I hadn't had one for well over 2 months~ and it felt so great, but my booty was sore from Tuesday's leg wo which made it a little bit painful.

Anyhow~ I was very happy to have my booty sore, but MAN!! IT is SOOOOOOOO sore! I added in BB lunges, a few good mornings, a slightly different DL variation, abductions and lower back extensions to my workout and it is KILLING ME! By 6pm last night I couldn't even sit on my butt it was so sore-- OUCHIE!!!

I did manage to go for a little run around the block with the kids and do the beginner buffing upper body workout from my book last night~ oh and some wii fit-- I was only 29 last night :) LOVED IT!!

I am considering making today a relaxed workout day--I am so sore still that cardio sounds very painful and so does lifting~ we'll see-- OH and I had planned on taking pics today-I am regretting that I didn't take them on TUES, I felt my leanest that day, so-I may wait until tomorrow for those too, I'll have to see how I feel in a little bit....silly hormones they are making me very silly today.

Okay! I am going to clean out another toy box right now while I listen to Joyce Meyer on my Iphone.
I'll be back later!