Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Life As Planned?

I make an effort to set a POA for myself at least once weekly....I also teach my clients to do the same. BUT, I almost never make it though more than 1 or 2 days sticking to that plan. "LIFE happens" and I am forced to adjust. None the less, having a POA is priceless~ especially when you are actually able to stick to it!This week I've amazed myself, I've actually stuck to the POA I set out and feel so accomplished! That get's me wondering WHY? What am I doing this week that's different than most?? The answer is simple, I am NOT trying to do EVERYTHING at once. I am not over scheduling myself and not putting pressure on myself to DO IT ALL for once. I attribute this to my DH~ who is trying to keep me in my "vacation" mindset until Jan 1. AND to a audio book I recently listened to "the 4-hour work week" that taught to NOT MULTI TASK-- I am soooo guilty of trying to multi task all the time! I can't even JUST PEE~ I have to drink a glass of water WHILE I am on the toilet. I can't go tanning and just tan...I'll tan and talk on the phone at the same time, etc....I handle it well most of the time, but I see the value to NOT MULTI-TASKING also. So...I am going to try to do less multi-tasking as the new year arrives. Maybe its a lesson I need to learn, lol!Anyhow...enough about that!I had a great back, should, bi and 20 mins stair mill workout yesterday.Then today I lifted Chest, tris, did some abs and 14 min elliptical and ran 8 mins.It was good and I am excited for my leg workout tomorrow!See you then,Love!!-M