Sunday, February 22, 2009

My mental limits

The power of our minds, constantly amazes me~ I pride myself on being a person who continually strives to challenge myself...but my husband pointed out to me today that I was NOT. I had a glaring "Mental Limit" that was interfering with my workout. I love benching and have always dreamed of benching "plates" (135#).... For many years I had been trying to get to the point to where I could. Well, I reached my goal about 3-4 months ago. I HAVE been able to bench and do several reps at 135#. Since reaching this "milestone" I have not once though about even attempting to lift any more than that. I had "set the bar" at plates and put a mental limit on myself! time I bench I WILL try to lift MORE~!! AND I am going to keep in mind how easy it is for us to place mental limits on ourselves. I need to stop thinking and saying "can't" , But instead say "let me try"!!!
Here is the workout I did today:
Warm up
r-bike 10 mins
chest press: for warm up
Bench press
135x4+2 with assistance
135x4+2 with assistance
Incline Bench- Hammer Strength Machine
90x10x3 sets
Old School Sit ups between sets - 2 sets
Hammer Strength flat wide bench
then I realized we only had 25 mins left for childcare and decided to RUN
Treddy incline at 3%
Walk 2 mins @4
run @6 (easy)
3- 1 min intervals at 8mph- easy mins at 6
4- 1 min intervals at 9mph- easy mins at 7
1- interval at 10
then 3 more mins of running between 7-8.4mph
It was a good one!!
Have a nice day~