Monday, July 27, 2009

40 days to FIT!! Day 6 & 7~ the weekend

40 days to FIT!! Day 6 & 7~ the weekend

Good MONDAY morning all!!! I am attacking the day~ day 8 of my “40 days to FIT”!! I am going to go for a run and do a chest/tri/abs workout!!

BUT FIRST>>>> let me catch you up on my Day 6 and Day 7…AND THANK YOU for all the amazing comments on the blogs for the “40 days to FIT” challenge!! You are doing GREAT~ i wish I had time to respond to each one the comments!! Thanks!!!!

Saturday was my day 6 and I did great~ I went to the gym, had a great upper body– more back/biceps and ABS workout…then did some cardio~ 7 mins on the r-bike and 15 mins of intervals on the stair monster.

Sunday~ ended up being a day off…I had really sore/tired hips from that stair mill!! I did great on my eating thought and have been keeping my carb count low….so this morning I woke up at 127.5 pounds. that’s 2.5 pounds since buffing started on Thursday and really great considering I am on creatine!!!

I am VERY happy with my progress so far and now that we are over an 1/8 of the way done with the Challenge~ I feel like I am an 1/8 of the way closer to my goal for sure!!!!

This week is the LAST week of summer vacation for the kids and instead of going to Branson, we’ve decided to do activities around home: Go bowling, To the Movies, to a state park, miniature golfing, to the pool, etc….It should be easier since the weather is supposed to be a bit stormy this week. The kids find out who their teachers are going to be on Wed and have open house on Thursday. All 3 girls are very excited about it, but my 10 year old son is DREADING school! Poor guy! I hated school when I was his age too!

In other news, my sister just moved to Arizona (from MN) over the weekend. I am so excited for her and her husband’s new life there. She’s teaching 3rd grade at a charter school– it’s a SPORTS ACHEDEMY! Man I’d love to go to that school!!

Anyhow…here’s my POA for the week:

M-chest/Tri/Abs and run
W-Back/Bi/Sh/Abs and intervals
Th-chest/Tri/Abs and run
S-Back/Bi/Sh/Abs and run

Let’s all have a GREAT Week!!!!
Just Belive you can do it~ it’s amazing what happens when we believe!!

I BELIEVE in you~