Friday, August 07, 2009

40 Days to Fit - Day 17!

If you want a Waist, there is more than ABS to think about.
I am naturally an "apple" body type...I hold any excess weight in my core...YUCK! Well after having 4 kids (including twins by c-section) I was very scared that I'd never have a waist again...BUT that FEAR and ANGER propelled me towards doing everything I could possibly think of to regain my WAIST. I wanted a WAIST!!!
DO you wanna waist?
Having a waist means more than just working your core it means you need to build a symetrical, HOUR GLASS figure. Think of the way an hour glass looks~ wider on top, thin in the middle and wider on the bottom, right?
Well then, in order for us ladies to have a waist we need to be sure that we address the "wider on top" portion of the equation. That means doing upper body exercises for our chest and our backs and shoulders. A great exercise for building up your back and shoulders is the DB LAT ROW..
My workout today was for my back and shoulders (with a bit of biceps thrown in):
Pull ups 10 (over hand), 8 underhand
wide cable lat pulls
60#'sx5 together and 5 on each armx3 sets

Lat pull machine 90#x10x3 Seated rows- one arm at at time 70#x10x3 sets

shoulder press machine 70x10x3

Arnold's- one arm at a time 25'sx8 20'sx10 25'sx7

each set above paired with DB bicep curls and knee ups on bench

Bicep curl machine 50x10x3 (plus some short burn out ones)

Cable pose down bicep curls 30x10x3

Abs- roman chair, ab roller crunches and side crunches, leg raises

Ellipitcal 3 mins; bike 9 mins; pool time with kids.
Please comment for your accountability~ stay focused...24 days (including today) left to get FIT!!!
Eat your Spinach!! xoxoxo~ BuffMother, Michelle Berger