Monday, August 10, 2009

40 Days to Fit ~ Day 22 ~ Ready "To Monday"

To Monday means so many things:
time to get a vision for the week ahead and build up excitement for what I can accomplish on the week ahead!!
feeling a little twinge of fear/intimidation about all the “work’ I hope to accomplish in the day ahead
time to a my clean up my diet and get in a killer first workout of the week
time to interact with clients, friends and business partners online, on the phone and in person
PEACE an quiet around the house…the kids are in school~ YAY!
time to “clean up”; make lists, organize and prioritize
My Monday is off to a great start~ I woke up on time despite an “alarm malfunction”; got the kids off to school; remembered to get the lunchroom a check for “lunch money”; I’ve taken my morning supplements (allergy pill + NOEXPLODE+ Garlic), and currently am eating breakfast (protein shake and banana +coffee); doing some laundry; and I’ve even already checked my e-mail…. a GREAT START!! and I expect that trend to continue! I am so ready “TO MONDAY” today!!
What about you are you ready “TO Monday”?