Tuesday, August 18, 2009

40 Days to Fit ~ Day 29 ~ Wild Thoughts!

I've been dealing with some wild thoughts the past 2 days...what if I was pregnant? My DH got "fixed" about 5 years ago and I've had consitent 27-28 day long cycles for the past couple of years,but today is day 30! I welcome the longer cycle, and back befor kids I had a LONG cycle 36 days sometimes...so~ it is not completely weird for my body. Having a longer cycle is much more possible than me being pregnant... BUT STILL~!! Wild thoughts will always arise when hormonal cycles run a bit long and possible pregnancy is involed! I think almost every woman knows that WILD feeling! LOL!!
Other than that~ I had a great long weekend the kids had Friday off of school....Travis took Gunner out to the woods and Gunner got to shoot an armadillo~ AND I took the girls to the mall and out for pizza and then we watched movies. Saturday Gunner when to his best friend's house and Travis, I and the girls played tennis! It was fun and the first time Travis has played in about 15 years! He was just rusty enough to keep it fun for me, lol!
Then yesterday we just "hung out"...I did some housework and got in a leg workout at the gym.
It was GOOD~ now I've been making a really good "to do" list and getting things DONE!!
My POA for workouts: is to do "something" everyday this week....I just need to fit in what I can. This week I am not planning the "days" out...I am just setting GOALS- The goal is to get in at least the following- 2 runs outside; 2 other interval sessions; 2 Leg workouts; 2 upper body workouts~ and ABS daily! So 2-2-2-2 :)
Be sure to set your goals!!AND settle for nothing short of accomplishing them!!! YOU CAN DO IT!
Your friend,