Tuesday, August 18, 2009

40 Days to Fit ~ Day 30 ~ New Challenge!

am so excited...I went to the local print shop and got a BIG poster of my HT cycle chart printed and laminated. AND now that TODAY is finally cycle day 1 (thank GOD all the WILD thoughts from the longness of my cycle= 30 days; about being preggers are gone)~ I am going to start using it! I'm going to try to video it too~My plan for today is to get a little bit more work done and then head to the gym around 1:30 or so...Tonight is Gunner's first FB practice, so I gotta get my workout done before that!The plan is to do a good back/shoulders/biceps workout and intervals on the treadmill.this is the workout I'm going to do *I DID!!:Pull ups- underhand lbs. bw bw2xfailure reps. 11 6Lat Pulls or Hammer Lat Pull lbs. 130 150 170 1704x10,6,6,6 reps. 10 6 6 5One arm DB lat rows lbs. 30 45 50 504x10,6,6,6 reps. 10 6 5 6Seated Rows -lbs. 80 100 1003x6 (I did higher reps due to back injury rehab0reps. 10 10 10Military Press- standinglbs. 45 55 65 654x10,6,6,6 reps. 10 10 7 7Upright rows lbs. 20#db's 45bar 454x8,6,6,6 reps. 8 6 6Lateral and Front Raises lbs. 15's 15 153x6 reps. 6L/6F 6L/6F 6L/6FBarbell Bicep Curls(did these after military instead of here)lbs. 45 55 60 553x6 reps. 10 8 4 6Dumbell Hammer Curls lbs. 20's 20's3x6 reps. 6 6Then 20 mins of intervals on the treadmill ~ 4 mins of warm up- 1 min hard; 1min easy-My hard mins were at: 8, 8.5, 9mphx5- easy mins at 6mph and incline at 2%~~~~~The 10 WEEK SuperSTAR Success(SSS 2) CONTEST!!! STARTS in just a couple weeks~ 9/7!!In the Super STAR Success contest we will be focusing on the the biggest stumbling block tp fitness success>>> lack of CONSISTENCY.I challenge you to BE CONSISTENT over the next 10 weeks! Shoot to do a "workout" at least every other day that would be 3-4 days a week and if you can CONSISTENTLY do that you will see results!!We will be Starting September 7th, 2009- go to the Rally Room and the contest will run for 10 weeks!!To enter and be eligible to win:You must take starting stats & photos and final stats and Photos(body fat optional)You must Submit a final summary: beginning and final stats, pictures and thoughts about your progress and what you've overcame to be a consistent Fitness SUPER STAR over the10 weeks.Suggested Participation:Be an active member of the Rally RoomStarting pictures and After pictures are recommended *(the RR Gallery is a perfect private place to host them)Weekly post your recap of the previous weekWeekly post your POA (plan of attack) for the next weekWeekly do your best to participate in the "weekly MINI challenge"Judging:A panel of 5 judges will pick their top 3 picks for the WINNER based on participation, results, attitude, their Super STAR quality and consistency. Each pick (15 little pieces of paper) will be placed in a hat and the winner drawn from there.Prizes:1st- TBA!! **SOMETHING SUPER AWESOME**2nd-TBA!! **ANOTHER AWESOME PRIZE**Each and every one of you CAN WIN this Contest~ Please participate and let's enjoy the synergy of TEAM BuffMother! working together towards being CONSISTENT!!!!I am ready to ROCK, How about you??Let GET BUFF!!Hope you have a good TUESDAY!!!Love ya,Michelle