Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hey Ya!!
I just realized it's 8 days until the end of my "40 days to FIT!!" and Just 8 days until my "SWEET 16 Wedding anniversary"~ whoohoo!! I can hardly believe that it's been that long! We don't have any plans yet, but I need to get a sitter set up so that we can at least go out to eat!
I got a lot done yesterday and am very excited about all of it:Wal-mart- shopped first thing in the am!Posted my Omaha- Complete Nutrition POSTER :)Got NEW tires on my Van! Thanks to my DH!! != BIG driving DIFFERENCE! Got a ton done online and on my new "site"...I'll tell you more about that in a bit!Did a fun little trampolene workout- bounced mostly on my back- great for abs! Spent some good time with the kiddos reading books and talking with themGot in a good nights sleep despite the thunder stormsThen this morning I got set up on SKYPE! cool tool!!
Wicked storms have been rocking our area for all morning long...but once they stop the rest of the day and weekend are supposed to be GREAT! My plan is to get to the gym and have an amazing LEG workout after lunch! Hope you have a great one too!!
Let's enjoy the day!!-Michelle