Thursday, August 27, 2009

40 Days to Fit ~ Day 38 ~ Sore!

@#$%@##~~HOLY SORENESS BATMAN ~~@#$%@##!! Legs/butt from Monday- Back/sh/bi &run yesterday…are killing me~ I have chest/tris /abs/intervals today- by tomorrow I will be in a full body cast!
My theory is that, I am so sore because I just went off creatine…I had been taking it for 6 weeks, So my body stopped making it ….Now I just need my body to start making it again on it’s own!!
My workout yesterday was GREAT~ nice a effective and only took 1 hour for all of it.
Warm up 3min elliptical
Pull ups 10,7paired with knee ups on bench 3 sets of 25
Lat pulls130×10150×8x2paired with shoulder press (seated backward)55×1075×1090×10
Seated Rows90×10100×890×10paired with DB Hammer curls20’sx10×3sets
High Lat Pulls90×10140×10x3setspaired with Bicep Curls (HS machine)45×10x3
wide cable Lat Pulls on knees50×1060×10x2paired with pose down bicep curls30×10x3
Interval Run on treddy:20 mins total Easy mins at 6mph~ Hard mins at 8,8,8,8,9,9.2,9,9.2
As I mentioned today Chest, Triceps, ABS and intervals are on tap…I plan to get that done very soon!-Michelle