Monday, September 26, 2011

Missing "O"ut!...Week #2!- BYOB!!!

Missing "O"ut! I had to make the decision to miss out on a trip with my hubby, son and daughter Gracie today....Why you ask??? Because I have other responsibilities, like work--- silly me, I tend to overbook myself with work and then at the last minute, ON SUNDAY, I have to skip family fun to get it done. I really need to rethink my schedueling over the next month. I am "OVER BOOKED"! LOL!!...

Don't you just love my "O"veruse of "O" words??? Just wait, by the end of 8 weeks in the BY"O"B conetest you'll be totally OVER-IT!!

My effort to get my workouts done during week 1 was not stellar. I had a couple "sick" days that threw off my mojo along with a bunch of physical labor that exhausted my energy stores. I planted about 30 trees and bunch of tulip bulbs.

Week #1 workout summary: I lifted 2x's, ran 2x's and also had 2 good hikes.

Yesterday was cycle day 1, weight was back up to this week I'll have tons more MOJO!!

Today I plan to get my stats and pictures complete...I am WAY overdue on getting them taken. I know I won't be pleased with the results, but I must be OBIDIENT to myself and get them DONE!!

the "Plan of Attack" for this week is to follow the mini-challenge and workouts for our contest, but this week get to the gym at least 4 times, my at home effort is not exactly stellar. My kids have Monday and Tuesday off school, so I'll be really needing the ESCAPE to the gym!! LOL!!

We'll I'd better get my grove ON and get my work done!!

Love ya's!!

p.s. This email is set to go out at midnight tonight, but I'll put it hear so you are READY!!

Dear BYOB'er,

Hope you've had a great week #1 of the BYOB!

If you can STAY Obsessed, Over the TOP and Optimistic....

YOU will see a GREAT Outcome!!!

To help you stay OBSESSED….we are going to push you to

participate in weekly mini-challenges.

This week's MINI CHALLENGE, Is a fitness challenge...We’ll call it the

"Jump, Push, Squat, Push" or "JPSP challenge"

10 Jumping Jacks
5 Push Ups
10 Squats
5 Push Ups

Your goal is to do this sequence of exercises AT LEAST once every day this week, but the CHALLENGE comes in to where you do the "JPSP challenge" as many times as possible this week.

Some way to fit it the “JPSP” into your routine include:

· First thing upon getting up in the morning
· Prior to each meal
· As a warm up to your workout
· As a cool down to your workout
· An active rest between sets of your during your lifting
· An activity you can do outside while waiting for your dog to potty
· An activity you can do while waiting in line at the store, LOL!! (I'm totally kidding)

Keep track and share our tally as the week progresses; It’ll be Outrageous!!

Also, keep up with the regular workout routine in conjunction with this challenge. The challenge, is an "extra" not your MAIN workout.

FYI- the workout routine is here:

The FREE downloadable workout log is located here:

Your OBSESSED friend,
p.s. If you want an added challenge for the week on the DIET side of things:

-Eliminate BREAD from your diet this week...

The goal of this challenge is to make you aware of that there are MANY other great

carb choices besides bread to choose from Rice, beans, sweet potatoes, etc...

Take this challenge as a prompting to explore other alternatives to bread for

your carbs. I personally LOVE fruit for carbs. Also life without "bread" helps me

to keep my gluten and yeast intake at a minimum~ which in turns helps eliminate

stomach discomfort and water retention for many people.