Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ON- ON- ON!!!!!!

ON- ON- ON!!!!!! I am ON!! It's so fun to feel ON~ workouts, life, work, responsibilities, hobbies, etc...all get done with ease when I am ON!!

Have you ever wondered why some days you are just ON and others you are OFF??

I've narrowed down my OFF days to the following problems:

lack of sleep

lack of proper nutrition

lack of excitement

lack of purpose

and too many hormones (or hormones being out of balance)


Conversely, I've found that my ON days have a simple foundation to each one:

Proper exercise

Proper sleep

Proper nutrition

Proper mindset

All of these items when added together over time create tremendous momentum! Once that Momentum is built it's easier to have day after day of being ON!! On!! on!!!

The goal is to keep that momentum rolling through the rough times. We all know that it's impossible to have proper exercise, sleep, nutrition and mindset every single day....but if we can more often than not, We'll be VICTORIOUS in keeping our Momentum- or as I like to call it OUR MOJO!!!

If you are going though a stage of being off...realize it'll take some time and EXTREME effort to get your mojo rolling again...BUT, diligent effort will produce momentum! The effort to get your MOJO rolling in the right direction will pay off!!!

However, Once you get it rolling you must PROTECT your mojo!

Protecting the mojo is an artform...it is a learned skill just like any other valuable habit.

9 personal rules I follow in order to protect my mojo are as follows:

1. I must not take more than 1 day off from working out at a time! If I have more days off I lose my desire to do it at all. The barrier to entry becomes HUGE and 2 days off tends to lead to 3, 4, 5 or more days off all together. 1 day off seems to help my mojo at times, but any more causes me to fall off the workout wagon.

2. I start my day with protein and if I'm doing really good I get a green in too! If I can start off my day with lower carbs I don't invite my "carb monster" to attack! I seem to function just fine with lower carbs until just prior to my early afternoon workout.

3. I take my supplements first thing in the morning, at lunch and before bed. It's not possible for me to EAT every nutrient my OLD body needs, lol!! I function best with the help of supplements. What I take varies from time to time, but my mainstays include: a multi vitamin, calcium and my hormonal timing pills.

4. I get to sleep before 11pm. This plus, being able to get my total of 7-8 hours of solid deep sleep keeps me happy. Physically and mentally sleep is so vital to my well being. When I have proper rest it keeps my body healthy, my glucose stores working properly, keeps my hormones in balance and keeps my energy levels high! Sleep is vital to keeping me ON!

5. I journal daily- either in my notebook and/or in my blog...Key things I include are my to do list, my weight, my goals, my thoughts, my prayers and I constantly remind myself of my overall PURPOSE. It's keeps me grounded and focused on the true reason I do what I do.

6. I read. Typically what I read is something spiritual, research based or informative. Allowing others thoughts, ideas and insights keeps me excited and fired me up for life ahead. My BRAIN needs stimulation to stay creative and engaged.

7. I relax...every day I give myself permission to just BE for a period of time. Most often this happens prior to bed- a wind down time of TV...but sometimes after lunch I sit outside alone in silence with no stimulation and just BE!

8. Take time daily to give some of my mojo to others....this is like planting a garden. I SOW mojo into my friends, family, aquantances, and even strangers....and over time I REAP the rewards of more MOJO in my own life!!!

9. Water! I drink water. Water in water out....it flushes my body of toxins, keeps my brain working, keeps my skin looking plump and helps me preform! Typically I strive to hit about 1 gallon a day...but I really limit my intake at meal time. This helps my stomach acids stay strong for proper digestion.

I want you to be ON!! I want you to be able to "Bring Your ON Body" (BYOB) to each and every day of your life!! Be sure to GET your MOJO and then PROTECT IT!! It's worth it!!

Strive to be ON!!